All Natural Turkey Heart Dog Treats - 2.75 oz.
All Natural Turkey Heart Dog Treats - 2.75 oz.
All Natural Turkey Heart Dog Treats - 2.75 oz.

All Natural Turkey Heart Dog Treats - 2.75 oz.

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  All Natural Turkey Heart Dog Treats 


Turkey heart treats have the beloved turkey taste that is incomparable to any other meat. Dogs will choose turkey hearts over any other treat, time and again. The nature of this is that in itself, the nature, of turkeys as well as dogs. 

Naturally, turkeys have a very lean meat to begin with. The portion known as the heart, is even more lean, making it essentially a delicacy for dogs. A dog's true nature is to seek food sources with the highest concentration of nutrients, which is why they have the extremely heightened sense of smell and especially taste. While a human tongue may not be able to recognize something such as nutrients, dogs can. And the taste experience is exactly that of a delicacy in the form of a treat.

IMPORTANT: Animal organs, especially hearts, are actually more healthy and more nutritious than majority of the socially accepted types of meats humans eat. Simply because of the taboo our society has created, many dog owners deprive their dogs of a true life-altering product. Please read below for in depth details, under the section "Did you Know?".




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Did you know?



  • All dogs, even "Fluffy McFlufferson", come from wolf ancestry.
  • Wolf is in their genes... making them great modern-day family members because of their inherently-natural loyalty to a pack.
  • The alpha in the pack always ate first, choosing organs before any other part of the prey. Why?
  • Organs are much higher quality than all other meat sources, with similar characteristics to the runner up; steak.
  • Organ meat is very lean with low calorie, low fat, and high protein content.
  • Organ meat is LOADED with nutrients. B-vitamins, zinc, phosphorous, selenium, thiamine, CoQ10, and folate are only some of the many essential nutrients that are found in abundance in organ meat.
  • Countless controlled studies provide substantial evidence that raw meat diets, over processed/cooked diets, leads to an average of 3 years longer in a dog's lifespan and dramatically decreases chance for degenerative diseases that cause deterioration of tissues and organs.
  • These studies are only based on basic raw meat diets, which still heavily lack in proper nutrient values. It's entirely possible that with a raw organ diet, the average lifespan increase of 3 years could raise exponentially higher.
  • Extra treats for thought: The words organic and organ both contain the same word but are rarely associated with each other. The words may not have similar meanings present-day, but they have more in common than known. Organic is a word that originated off of the word organ, used with a meaning of being derived of or pertaining to bodily organs. Thus, leading to crops grown from organ-pertaining resources, now commonly misunderstood for the word natural, but still holding the same concept of being preservative free.




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    Give it all ...



    • Premium, natural, USA made/sourced, nutrition-rich treats.
    • Pure, lean meat treats that your dog's natural instinct craves.
    • Treat your pet and help a vet, both at the same time. For every item purchased, $1 is donated(from the profit, not additional) to a fund for buying a PTSD trained dog. The dog is given directly to a military veteran suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.





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    " Through you... we have, we will, and we won't ever stop, making a difference. Thanks to you, and on behalf of you, we can properly say thank you to our veterans."
    - The Pooch Delights Team