Treat Your Pet & Help a Vet Program

Proudly supported and created by:

Pooch Delights

At Pooch Delights, we have a mission unlike most businesses. Our mission is to help vets with post traumatic stress disorder, by providing select candidates with a PTSD trained dog. These dogs are thoroughly trained to provide emotional support to their owner whenever they feel distressed, angry, anxious, or sad. Through these dogs, majority of vets experience a significant change in their PTSD, allowing them to cope with their past experiences and focus on a brighter future.

We believe it's extremely important that our country supports our vets just as much as they supported our freedom. That's why we donate $1.00 of every item purchased towards a PTSD dog... So that our vets can find happiness once again.

If you'd like to help, you already are simply by being a customer. But if you'd like to make even a greater contribution, please feel free to press the donate button below and make any kind of donation. Every single cent makes a difference. Thanks to you, and on behalf of you, we can properly say thank you to our veterans.

Lastly, just so that you can have complete faith in our mission and promise of providing dogs to our vets, you can track all of our progress by checking our blog announcements of chosen vets, delivered dogs, and allocation of donations. Also, if you know of a vet suffering from PTSD, please do not hesitate to have them submit an application to us. We will do our absolute best to help every vet that we can, in the order of most severe cases to least.