About Pooch Delights

Simply put, we care! ...About you and about your best friend. That’s why we are committed to only natural products, so that your dog can stay healthy and be by your side longer.
We PROMISE: We will NEVER take shortcuts in the quality of our products.  We care too much for your dog’s well-being.
We care more than you know... Not just about our customers. One of our founders is a Marine veteran who has seen the worst of what war can do to our soldiers, who fight for our freedom. The leading problem in most vets is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it changes their lives for the worst. In an effort to HONOR them for their service to our freedom, we have created the initiative called...
Treat Your Pet & Help a Vet
This program takes $1.00 from the proceeds of EVERY Pooch Delights product sold. When the fund reaches its goal, it’s immediately used to purchase a PTSD trained and certified dog.
These dogs have the highest success in alleviating the disheartening issues our vets encounter from PTSD. Want to help? You already are, just by buying this product. Thanks to you, and on behalf of you, we can properly say thank you to our Vets.

If you'd like to know more information about program, please click here to see how every purchase makes a difference.